B2B Marketing
Where the rational meets emotionally.

Since B2B vendors supply products and services to other companies, marketing and communications considerations and measures differ from those in the consumer sector.

B2B marketing is characterised by enormous depth. Complex markets, products/services that require explanations, special decision-making target groups, and internationality are all factors that must be considered. What remains the same, however, is the emotional impact products must have on customers, even when it comes to investing.

As B2B specialists, we support companies with solutions and ideas, whether for brand development or practical implementation of product launches, re-launches, and sales promotion measures.

  • Markt-Launch
  • Product re-launch
  • Sales promotion
  • Sales support
  • Trade fair marketing
  • Print products
  • Customer magazines
  • Dialogue marketing
  • Print advertising
  • Content marketing
  • Motion design
  • Newsletter
  • Digital sales presentations

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